Delibest Book

Delibest’s Book on Healthy Eating
Free Distribution in Schools

Delibest has created a book for free distribution with illustrations by Verónica Leites and texts by Nutritionist Giannina Maganja.

DeliBest created this book with the intention of guiding our children in the acquisition of healthy eating habits, within the framework of the recent Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

We share the belief that each one of us who participates in children’s nutrition is influencing the health status of our population, not only their current good health, but also because it is the basis of their long-term health. What a person eats during their childhood, will accompany them, in some way, for the rest of their life.

The acquisition of healthy eating habits in childhood is a fundamental tool to reduce diseases in adulthood. Good eating habits are important and enjoyable activities for human beings, which must be learned so that eating fully fulfills its primary function: making us healthy.

In this book, Jorge the cook and his little friend will guide us in a fun journey so that we learn the basics of a proper diet.

Here we leave a copy of the book so that they can enjoy it with the little ones ...

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