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Institutional Catering

Innovation in Food Services

Meal Service for Public and Private Schools and other Institutions

The production of meals for students must be managed by a highly qualified team capable of preparing a menu that meets their preferences while it is also abundant, balanced and nutritious.

Food Service for Companies, Factories and Construction Sites

DELIBEST provides services in all types of companies in different modalities, both through concession and management services in dining halls and canteens with food prepared on-site, as with the food being transported from our central plant, either in bulk or in trays ready to be heated in ovens or microwaves.

Servicio de Alimentación para Empresas, Industrias y Obras

Food Services for Health Centers, and Public and Private Hospitals

DELIBEST successfully provides services in hospitals and health centers either by furnishing supplies or in a concession model. In hospitals, we rigorously set the types of diet according to the medical prescriptions. We are also rigorous in the application of Safety and Hygiene Standards in the preparation and handling of food.

Catering Services for Congresses, Film Productions, and all Types of Events

DELIBEST provides all types of catering services, developing customized products according to the Clients' requirements.
Congresses and other Events. We specialize in large-scale events, which are our main area of expertise, and we ensure your peace of mind with high quality service. We have catered for congresses of up to 6,000 guests per day at the different mealtimes (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinners).

Servicios de Alimentación para Congresos, Producciones Cinematográficas y Eventos de todo tipo
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